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Gerald Buckley
Cell: (918) 527-3908

You have a digital marketing problem and it’s probably about SEO, or paid online advertising, creating effective outreach campaigns, or maybe even about converting more or better leads into paying customers. I’m Gerald Buckley and I can help you like I’ve helped tons of other brands with their digital marketing needs by getting you ranked better, earn more and better traffic to your website and ultimately improve your sales.

One thing is clear: you wouldn’t be here unless your digital marketing needs some tender loving care (TLC). The internet is NOT a level playing field. It is too easy for your competition to put such a big gap between you and them that your problems get bigger, more costly, and take longer to fix. The good thing is, you don’t have to wait! With a simple click you can call or text my personal cell number (918) 527-3908 or email me at

I do a few, specific things. But, I do these well and at a good value:

• Search Engine Optimization to get you ranked better in the search engines;
• Paid online advertising to build you a highly targeted sales pipe;
• Outreach campaigns (email, sms, etc) to nurture your audience;
• Retention and upsell campaigns to generate repeat business for you;
• Reputation management and loyalty programs to reduce your churn;
• Analytics and reporting dashboards so you know what’s working

What this means is I don’t do copywriting, photography, illustration, social media posts, radio, television or print advertising. All of those are necessary. They have their place in the mix. I’m just not the right person to DO those things. I partner with others who excel at other things which allows me to stay focused on what I excel at.

Do you prefer Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or something else? I’m happy to use any platform that makes the good things happen for you.

You’ll never be put on hold. I answer my own phone. I return my own calls. I set my own appointments. The emails you receive from me… I write. See a trend here? You and I are dealing directly with one another. No project managers. No assistants. No middle men. I only take on so many clients and that’s a good thing for both of us. It’s not because I charge a lot. I don’t.

I’d love to hear from you. I know we can get some great things done together.

Gerald Buckley
Cell: (918) 527-3908

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